SHIPPING CUSTOMERS: Our online store is undergoing a revamp, and is temporarily disabled. If you need an order, email, or reach out through Instagram or Facebook Messenger and we'll be happy to help you find what you're looking for.


My state is not showing up as an option in checkout - what's up?

Tobacco regulations are all over the place. Some states are illegal to ship to in all cases, some allow certain items and not others, some have complicated tax scenarios that are painful for small businesses to wrangle - and our cart system doesn't allow for those nuances, it's basically all or nothing. If your state's not showing as an option for shipping, it falls into at least one of those categories. Reach out directly via any of our contact options and we'll see what your specific situation is and how it matches up with the particular product you're looking for - often we can still take care of you and send you a direct invoice via email.


What's the deal with the whole 24/7 lounge thing?

We're glad you asked - it's one of the things that makes us unique! Wyoming's often an inhospitable place for proper outdoor cigar and pipe enjoyment, and many folks opt not to smoke up their personal man/woman caves - so we designed our lounge to be accessible anytime for those regular aficionados that need a place to relax, entertain a guest, watch the big game, have a business meeting, etc. Our lounge is open to everyone 10-6 Monday through Saturday, but members get an access card that will get them the run of the place anytime they like. Membership also comes with a personal cigar locker to store their treasures, climate and humidity-controlled, and we can stock it in advance for you anytime with a simple call or message. Our lounge is well-appointed with comfortable leather recliners, big screen with generous cable package, multiple HEPA filters, WiFi, restroom, bar area with coffee and ice machine, cutters, lighters, ashtrays - everything you need for enjoyment. Pays for itself quickly, with 10% off every transaction, every day - and 15% off box purchases. Membership is $400 annually (best deal) or $250 in 6 month increments. Currently, we're at capacity and on a waitlist - let us know if you'd like to be added, there's no obligation and we go down the list in order of signup when openings come up.


I saw you post something on your socials that's not in the online store.

Our online store is a big work in progress. In some cases, we get limited-release or rare items in small quantities, and give our local brick & mortar customers first dibs, or choose to exclude them completely from online sales so we're not out 15 minutes after releasing super-popular stuff. We also have a handful of brick and mortar exclusives that have manufacturer agreements that forbid advertising them for online sales, but most are still allowed to be shipped. If you see something on our Instagram or Facebook that's not available in the online humidor, just message us - we can often take care of you, provide you a limited quantity, or at least let you know what the situation is with that particular item. You can also reach out via email to our owner for one on one service and a virtual humidor tour - just hit up


What's your lounge policy on outside cigars? Is there a cut/light fee?

We'll never charge you a fee to bring something in from outside, but ask that you observe typical lounge etiquette and purchase something for later from our humidor, since that's how we pay the bills.


Can I smoke cigarettes in your lounge?

No, but thanks for asking. :)  We do have a good selection of filtered cigars, which can be smoked in the lounge.


There's something I want that you don't have, can you get it?

In many cases, yes - we do special orders for our customers all the time. Sometimes, we may discontinue an item that didn't draw much interest - but we can generally get it back in for you if you'd like, order that special pipe or accessory you're looking for, and we're always open to suggestions on new items to carry, and are constantly traveling to trade shows and expanding our inventory.