SHIPPING CUSTOMERS: Our online store is undergoing a revamp, and is temporarily disabled. If you need an order, email, or reach out through Instagram or Facebook Messenger and we'll be happy to help you find what you're looking for.

Online Store Update

Sincerely appreciate your patience as we continue to work on relaunching the online store - safe to say, the struggle is real out here for us tobacco folks in the e-commerce space, as various credit card processors have declined to work with what they deem as "high risk" businesses. 

With that said, we have officially inked a deal with a new tobacco-friendly provider who gets the nuances of the premium cigar and pipe tobacco industry, and we're super close to getting back in the saddle (and still processing transactions manually via message if you need a shipment in the interim.)

Here's a little preview of what to expect when we get rolling:

We'll be focusing our online efforts on our distance customers - if you're local, we'd love to see you in-store to give you some VIP service and a bigger selection, but unfortunately, there's no way to price items online to factor in Wyoming's required tobacco taxes, which we're not required to collect for out of state customers. The good news is that our selection's much larger in-store - there's several items that we're not able to sell online due to manufacturer agreements, and several more that we get limited supply of and are unable to offer up to the masses, so our locals always come first.

However, if you're in another part of Wyoming where it's not convenient to get by - we are able to ship you a custom order of whatever you like, we're just not able to allow Wyoming to be an automatic checkout option and have to process in-state distance orders manually. It's simple, just message us with what you're looking for or let us know if something peaked your interest on our socials - we'll put it together for you and send you a payment link, and offer you the same free USPS Priority shipping over $100 that we do to the rest of our online customers.

For the reasons above, our online store will not be a carbon copy of our humidor - we'll focus on sampler and box deals, some of which are a bit scarce elsewhere. Due to being a small town brick & mortar with lower foot traffic, and long-term relationships with several manufacturers - we're often well-supplied on desirable sticks that the big guys are out of stock on, and able to offer you some rare finds for your collection that you'll have trouble finding elsewhere.

Most of all - we're not a faceless big box website that commoditizes cigars...we are cigar nerds like you, and we strive to give you personal service and good communication along the way, delivering the tobacconist experience virtually and walking you through any questions you have. We're super responsive on all our socials and contact methods, and we're here to take care of you whenever you need us.

Thanks again for your patience - you'll start to see the store populate and go active shortly, and we can't wait to serve you.


The Casper Cigar Company Crew