SHIPPING CUSTOMERS: Our online inventory is a work in progress, and we have far more selections available, including many limited releases that are too small-quantity to list online. Message us on Facebook or Instagram, call the shop at 307-337-4400, or email to get the personal treatment - we love to learn more about your palate and preferences to give you the small brick & mortar experience virtually, with easy checkout, and fast free Priority shipping on orders over $100.

Foundation Freebies!

If you haven’t been through in a minute, we’ve added our friends at Foundation to the fold - to celebrate, got a few in-store freebies going on while supplies last that’ll score you some swag and bonus sticks. Olmec is scarce at the moment and in and out, always goes quick - if you’re out of town we can extend the deals to our shipping customers as well, but like many of our in-store items, inventory is slim and not always on the website. Message us anytime for a current tour through the humidor and access to great limited releases!